Thursday, September 18, 2008

more stuffs done whilst pondering upon the alienating features of the naked ape.

cup and saucer


finger-ing a lady

some old stuffs done with coloured pencils

more bouts of randomness

party in the train

crackling candy that does NOT crackle. do NOT purchase.
but as you can see, it was too late for me.

my dream umbrella. costing a hundred bucks

lovely elephant artwork found in random toilet cubicle.

even more lovely when inverted.

forget about growing plants or sea monkeys. why not grow a ear? on a naked rat. show and tell has never been this much fun.

the biggest regret of my shopping life. i love this dress, went back 3 times on separate occasions just for it, and didn't get it though it was like freaking cheap. since then i have not been able to sleep well at night.
you just gotta love club toilets

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

mystery of the long cut

i have no idea how i got this long cut running down my thigh. in fact, i only noticed it when it hurt while in the shower.

but i guess the messy floor of the background kinda distracts from the mystery of it all.

yes, my room is officially messier than ever. and even as i type, things are piling up from me spending more time at home, now that i am slacking my life away.

i knew it was bad when my hp fell a couple times and was cushioned perfectly by my floor. no sound, no nothing.

i'm torn between packing up or letting things stay as they are. afterall, not having to worry about your hp falling to the ground IS a good thing.

crowds disorientate me

an attempt by my gal pal to give me a makeover made me convinced that i was perfect for the role of those train ghosts that sit opposite the protagonist when they look up.

my mom was an army cook

see, i was just talking about how sadistic humans were. how we love eating cute things.

irresistable right...

anyway, i'm pretty darn sure my mom was an army cook in her past life.
she was cooking bee hoon for two people- me and her.

and this is how much she cooked:

it's literally a pile. bee hoon, anyone?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

i have decided that i like baron's strong brew. they sure have a sense of humour.

have you ever seen a knight so sian, he takes to hugging his shield like a pillow?

i couldn't resist. i just had to have a pic taken with his less sian counterpart.

nothing like a hat to cheer up gloomy chums

but for me instant noodles is all it takes. especially if it's hello kitty.


anyway, on an unrelated note (you should expect that having seen the blog title), i find a particular phenomenon very disturbing.

mascots of food products are often the food themselves.

remember this Calbee potato chips tv ad? where the potato chips happily barbeque themselves over a pit? while some others grin as they get sliced up at the barber's. remember remember?

and another example: Chicky the KFC kids mascot

'welcome to eat me', he beckons.

disturbing a not, you tell me?