Thursday, June 12, 2008

i was flipping through a magazine when i saw this:

a solar powered bra. what can get more redundant than this? ok i admit i may not exactly be the best person to say this but there's a reason why underwear is called underwear. To use the solar feature you have to expose your bra to the sun.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

bored at work, i took to entertaining myself with the cutest hand puppet.

see no evil

hear no evil

speak no evil

evil koala at work

evil koala on work

i'm everywhere.

i don't like the way you're handling me, miss.

so much so it's giving me a headache.

come closer..lemme tell you something...


hey it's not easy to do this ok... you try making up a story while feeling stressed at being caught out at work.
one morning i woke and found my hand like this:

having decided to ignore it, by next morning it had swollen to:

under the advice of my colleagues, i decided to visit the doctor, and that was when i stumbled upon this fish (while waiting for the doc's to open):

top view:

doesn't it look like the offspring of an arowana and a butterfly?

and check it out. from the front view it almost looks like a barn owl with open wings.

i happily hopped back to the office with my new buy, $45 poorer from the doctor's "i don't know what's wrong too" and the desire to bring the illegitimate child home.

"how's your hand, now? and why is it like that anyway?" my colleague asks.

"it's fine, i guess. i could have accidentally poured some alcohol on my hand when i was drinking and din wash it off immediately. i think i could be allergic to alcohol when applied topically."

"ooh...' she coos. "wow, imagine, if alcohol does that to your skin, what's going on inside when you drink it?"

like we need to be reminded of where 15% of our drinking water come from

Monday, June 2, 2008

it's strange how i never noticed such nice sights when they're just a mere five minutes away from my place.
despite the heat wave that hit singapore lately, trishaw uncles are getting cooler and cooler.

mai siao siao, harley davidson ok... got fiery metallic skull in front somemore.

there was even a batman one but it whizzed past me so fast, i didn't even have time to touch my camera.